Reviews for "Sonic 3 - Credits"

it is so beuitifull

it is soft, relaxing its just perfect truly a beutifull piece of work


*sigh* 10 stars. you didnt just remixed the song in a wonderful way, you remixed our hearts from when we saved angel island in sonic 3 and knuckles in a wonderful way. keep going your doing a great job here so keep moveing and you might just win a newgrounds tank award if there is going to be one for music.

ArienV responds:

Thankyou for the kind words! My art is my forte but I still love being able to express my music side =)


It's awesome!
But it sort of sounds like Coldplay's "Clocks" for some reason :\
I've been listening to them too much...

Just. Just....awesome

This is like the song that would be playing after Sega ruined sonic's his reputation and has been cancelled..forever and this would have been the funeral song playing on sonic's funeral.

Relaxing and beaytiful

This can remember you the good and bad times... relax a little bit and hear this song... you will enter on a world of pure creativity.