Reviews for "Sonic 3 - Credits"

Nice song~

Wow, this captures the feeling I had when listening to the original many years ago. Great job!

The audio sounds a bit too muffled or blurred.

ArienV responds:

Yeah the quality isn't great. Check out the youtube link for the remastered version. Was still learning Reason3.0 back then :)

i love this so much i've listened to it about 20 times.
great work, brings back so many memories.

Relaxing and beaytiful

This can remember you the good and bad times... relax a little bit and hear this song... you will enter on a world of pure creativity.

Good Times,

the memories this song brings back after stomping sonic 3 and knuckles with Hyper sonic. the great many hours that would shut myself in doors and would quit eating just to beat the game without stopping. now i have to dig out my sega and play again for old time sake.