Reviews for "Sonic 3 - Credits"


during the great pause in the middle i was so freakin excited to hear a burst of action but.... i got nothing. That is like the second best pause i ever heard. just freaking torturous.

ArienV responds:

lol thanks gamergod. dramatic tension is wurthy


It's awesome!
But it sort of sounds like Coldplay's "Clocks" for some reason :\
I've been listening to them too much...


i need to play a sonic game.
id forgotten till this jarred my memory how all the CLASSIC sonic games alway had a air of sadness to ther credit music.

like ha feel bad you completed the game, that means its over!

i mean sonic 2's ending music is what i always pictured would play if sonic ever got killed in the fiction.

ArienV responds:

Yeah the sonic 2 credits is more of a fitting orchestral piece, there is indeed something sad about it, thats why its so good.

tails doll!



That's incredible work. I prefer this to the original!

ArienV responds:

Wow thats a tough call... Thankyou though!