Reviews for "Sonic 3 - Credits"

Very calming! Suits the credits perfectly :)

Either I give 10's too easily or I just love the ending credits! Either way enjoy these ten wonderful circle star, things. I don't know! This is what I think a sonic game would sound like if it had a very dramatic ending. You know, a sonic game that didn't suck since Sonic Heroes?


This is a much calmer remix of this song it's a seriously great effect, probably my favorite. Great use of violins. This is a very unique remix.


i always loved this song



R.I.P. sonic please don't ;(

If ..sonic dies this could be the song to use when he goes down the grave since the games,ryan drummond got fired, and everything else..please sonic dont die this brings me sadness and this song is my sadness;(. ps thank you Arienv for this song that reminds all of us memories for sonic.