Reviews for "Sonic 3 - Credits"


The melody was just amazing. The slight changes from the original tune did not detract at all from the sheer amazement I experienced listening to this...

...but I want more.

Yes it was beautiful, but I found myself wanting a full orchestral rendition after hearing this. You teased me with a orchestral drum at the beginning, and never built on it from there. I'd like to hear the slow soothing drum beating rhythmically, the clarinets' sound sailing through the air, and the brass bringing the piece to a climactic finish.

So I ask you - no, I implore you - submit something which accomplishes all of this. To hear something so amazing would make my life complete.

ArienV responds:

Wow, thats a lot riding on one song! I'm so glad this impacted you so much. I've actually considered fleshing this out with a more complete orchestra, I just might do it one of these days ;)

The beauty of strings.

Very well done with a nice bit of soul that you added with the piano on the side to hold the melody on the strings down. Not many can make something soft like this in which it can harness true feeling within work.

Full marks

~Solar Zero

ArienV responds:

Thank you so much! Yeah I took a lot of liberties with the piano. It's my fav sonic song so I cared a lot about keeping it true, yet bringing out its stringed potential.

it is so beuitifull

it is soft, relaxing its just perfect truly a beutifull piece of work

thank you for playing

One of the best remixes I have ever heard. It's calm and very relaxing nice piece of work keep it up.

You Win

The award for the most creative remix I've heard on newgrounds to date.