Reviews for "Sonic 3 - Credits"


Simpily Put: Great Job


This was a great remix, sounds really beautiful and relaxing; just the way ending credits should be. Great work all over.

ArienV responds:

Thankyou, theres something about end credits that really get to me!

...pure awsome, man

This is amazing. I get a feeling of joy when i beat a sonic game and hear the theme,
unlike anything else. for the 1st time i felt it out of a sonic game. right here, man. right here. you are amazing.

ArienV responds:

It makes me so happy to hear this really touched you ^^


*sigh* 10 stars. you didnt just remixed the song in a wonderful way, you remixed our hearts from when we saved angel island in sonic 3 and knuckles in a wonderful way. keep going your doing a great job here so keep moveing and you might just win a newgrounds tank award if there is going to be one for music.

ArienV responds:

Thankyou for the kind words! My art is my forte but I still love being able to express my music side =)


It seems to be sonic fans respecting this the most like the 4 reviews under me