Reviews for "kegel: it's a kegel xmas"

Very nice, and a very sweet ass bass player

Kegel's got a nice Les Paul too. I sent this to everyone I could think of, cuz I loved it. keep this stuff up, cuz I love it!!!!

The music is enough for 10's

I loved this card, and it's nice to know which Kegel cartoons I've missed (thanks for the clips).

Sweet! Kegel looks like Jimmy Page!

Eyes all squinty, pouty lips and A KICK ASS LESPAUL GUITAR....he looks like Jimmy Page

Great sound and graphics, I'm sendin this to my friends

Tell the Dude who remixed Away in a manger to. . .

ROCK ON !!!!!!!!!!!! KICK ASS!!


I love it! Totally selling-er-sending that to someone!