Reviews for "kegel: it's a kegel xmas"


Started off good enough but then the realization that this wasn't going to be a great Christmas episode like the Thanksgiving episode slowly ripped away my pleasure.
I was expecting so much more from you and all I got for Christmas was a half-assed animated card slideshow of your previous movies, which are all great by themselves.
Maybe my expectations are what made the let down even more unbearable and the movie seem worse than it actually is. I do hope that you have an actual Christmas episode in the works.


More kegel stuff. awesome!


Your one of my favourite animators. The Kegel serises is fucking halirous! By far my favourite series on NG...by far! Anywho keep up the good work man

a really great christmas card

brilliant work and a really good idea

dont have a clue how you spell hunkie dory either but hey brilliant ne way



you got a 5 from me, excellent graphics
excellent everything