Reviews for "kegel: it's a kegel xmas"

Nice Card - Send Before It's "Retired"

Wonder how long that'll take before we gotta Paypal to see this work? Gone by New Year's? Who knows. Check this out before it goes commercial.

PS. I am still blamming your "movie retired" entries daily. If you're not going to share them any longer with the community, delete them. Get these dead husks of *%@# off Newgrounds. Thanks.

A swelll.,.

card for the holidaies why not send one to all the beloved. good music also and etc.

Wonderful Card

Nice tunes, great new animation, a nice compilation of older stuff and short enough to not get dull. Nicely done.


Great sound, great animation, what more can I say?

I think it makes great e-card!

I sent it to my mate, sure most of the movie is old stuff, but its the best of the old stuff. Merry Xmas to you too.