Reviews for "kegel: it's a kegel xmas"


loved the 3D rotating effects and the idea of this card was pretty nice.


wow.nice card. I love the style of your work. You added some of the movie in the mix with accactive music. I love it.

Great work

I love ur style.U had great intrument effects.the aniimals actually looked lik they were playing.Lots of kudos to u.Keep up the good work

great toons

loved the music.


Wow, I never would of thought of a Kegel musical, but you did, and you pulled it off. Great idea, heh. It was very cute. Was the guitar and ship done in 3D? Very nice use of a bunch of the Kegel movies to counteract with the music. Great graphics, great music. I liked the panning shots you did with some of the characters. I hope to see more soon.