Reviews for "kegel: it's a kegel xmas"

really good dude keep it up

I really like Kegel man. 2 bad they weren't singin but it was good as well. keep more comin :D

there are 5 months til christmas. i still sent it.

nice. i like. very much.

Sweet! Kegel looks like Jimmy Page!

Eyes all squinty, pouty lips and A KICK ASS LESPAUL GUITAR....he looks like Jimmy Page

Great sound and graphics, I'm sendin this to my friends

The music is enough for 10's

I loved this card, and it's nice to know which Kegel cartoons I've missed (thanks for the clips).

That was great!

That was very good. You are very talented. The 3D rotating effect with the piano was great, and the guitar and bass playing was very well animated (very accurate). I don't think I've ever seen anyone animate it that well. I'm sure people have, but I can't think of a time when I saw it that good. Keep it wet.