Reviews for "Potter Puppet Pals 2!"


I've been a fan of yours since the begining, and this is awsome! keep up the great flash animations!

Oh my lord

I have no idea why that is so hilarious but I watched it twice in a row and laughed my head off. It takes the innocence of a puppet show, the characters of harry potter, and adds violence and stupidity and mixes it all up. It's great :) Great work you guys. Keep it up.

You are officially my girlfriend's hero, man...

She is teh biggens HP fan, and this flash made her day back in December when you uploaded it here... hell, her past month, now. #;-}>

Just recently she told me to look for the easter egg, and so we checked it out. Heh. Plus, she made an animated icon out of the group hug scene for her livejournal account. Ahhh, this flash will live on in infamy for all eternity. #;-}>

One thing I'm wondering about, though: When Hermione says "that's right" when they're getting Voldy all lined up for the squad, why does she sound like a husky 40 year old woman? #;-}>

I love that there's fumes from Voldemort's corpse while they're participating in the hug orgy, too. Great little moments like that ABOUND in this flash.

Did you MEAN to suggest that Ron has a crush on Harry, BTW, or was that a platonic "I love YOU, Harry"? #;-}> In any event, he's got a much higher voice than Hermione, so I guess... well, yeah, enough said. Snape + Ron really make this flash for me. Dumbledore's disturbing as hell, though. #;-}>

Ron: wahhhhhhhhhhhoooooooo....... bother! (bonk)


I laughed my fucking ass of!!!!

Fuckin outrageous!!!!!!
That was so freaking funny!!!!

Awesome Funny!

That was great!
Guns! Why didn't I think of that? :D