Reviews for "Potter Puppet Pals 2!"


I only hate you cause it is gonna be so hard for me to find that stupid secret movie, I thought I had found it for a sec, but my mouse was just messed up... now I gotta start all over again! I WILL FIND IT THOUGH! Otherwise, great job on this, keep it up, and I hope to see tons of these over the years! I always wondered what would happen if they just shot Voldemort, now I guess I know!

Because guns are MUGGLE TOYS!

I mean if guns WERE adopted into the books then they'd have to prepare the gun with a spell, shoot it, then reload, prepare again, shoot, reload...you get the idea. XD

Just Great

Seriously, too funny. You have to do more of these!


this is a really great harry potter parody, but it also raises the question, why not just do that in the books? anyway, excellent work! ^_^


Great flash, full of bothering, madness, and puppets. Those three combined with humor make a prerfect flash. The puppet matrix was perfect (whatever the puppet matrix is, for that matter), and it was just simply brilliant humor.