Reviews for "Sun Still Shine"

I will worship you and call you messiah if you ask

I loved the movie because of its soundtrack and at 5:18 in the morning after staying up all night for no reason, I come across this (word that doesn't exist to describe this song's greatness, epicness, awesomeness, etc.). I don't know about anyone else, but I call that divine intervention. I find it amazing that its been on the portal for so long and it only has 771 listens; I find that appalling. What's more appalling is that this song doesn't have a perfect 5, let alone above a 4.5. It's a damn disgrace.

As for the song itself, Noxxos is right; time does seem to stop when listening to this, reminiscent of time stopping when the sun came back to life in the film. I can't get over the piano and violin (or viola I don't know) lines in this piece because they add so much life and emotion into the song. Also, the comments about a choir from Killer13, that's a great idea; it'd be a frigging orgasm in the ears. Hell, I can sleep to this and feel awesome in the morning.

MaXounet, you have composed, remixed, and revamped a piece of music to a level of perfection that few people can ever reach and for that you have my deepest respect, my 5 (which added .0070 by the way), and an anticipation for further great works similar to this. I can't say it in any other way:

Props, man, props.


Ooooooo very sweeeeeet.

Feels like theres sex in my ear.. haha JK great song tho.


My god, words alone cannot describe this song. Perfect in all ways, peaceful and fulfilling. I cannot believe my ears, the way its composed, the ups and downs, the tempo, the minor fall...the major lift. Absolutely amazing.


Epic work.
Underground Sound

0_o Amazing

I love listing to it when i do my homework

THANKS u r another one of my favs

An Eloquent Melody

"Even in the winter, even in the midst of the storm, the sun is still there. Somewhere, up above the clouds, it still shines and warms and pulls at the life buried deep inside the brown branches and frozen earth. The sun is there! Spring will come." - Gloria Gaither