Reviews for "Sun Still Shine"


Just Speechles... Amasing.



i always like to see a Newgrouner inspired enough to make a track longer than ten minutes, but when it comes out this damn good it's inspiring

A True Masterpiece

Last night, I listened to this on repeat for 9 hours continuously and I was never bored. This song gives you a great feeling inside; it is hugely inspiring...it is awesome ("awe-inspiring") in a way (I feel) few others have truly accomplished.

"Something...kinda nice" simply does not do this piece justice - it is much, much more than that, my friend.

spooky, epic

i haven't heard these 2 songs in original, but i like remix very much. it's fabulous that the name is "Sun Still Shine" even though the melody is rather slow and a bit sad. In my opinion, it gives the song an epic impression.


A Masterpiece of art, a Masterpiece of a musical caliber, that of which has never been equaled here on NG. You are a true artist my friend. Magnifique!

There is nothing more to say except...Perfection