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Reviews for "Sun Still Shine"

I will worship you and call you messiah if you ask

I loved the movie because of its soundtrack and at 5:18 in the morning after staying up all night for no reason, I come across this (word that doesn't exist to describe this song's greatness, epicness, awesomeness, etc.). I don't know about anyone else, but I call that divine intervention. I find it amazing that its been on the portal for so long and it only has 771 listens; I find that appalling. What's more appalling is that this song doesn't have a perfect 5, let alone above a 4.5. It's a damn disgrace.

As for the song itself, Noxxos is right; time does seem to stop when listening to this, reminiscent of time stopping when the sun came back to life in the film. I can't get over the piano and violin (or viola I don't know) lines in this piece because they add so much life and emotion into the song. Also, the comments about a choir from Killer13, that's a great idea; it'd be a frigging orgasm in the ears. Hell, I can sleep to this and feel awesome in the morning.

MaXounet, you have composed, remixed, and revamped a piece of music to a level of perfection that few people can ever reach and for that you have my deepest respect, my 5 (which added .0070 by the way), and an anticipation for further great works similar to this. I can't say it in any other way:

Props, man, props.



Beautiful song ... it is a crescendo of majesty... really love it!

Everything stops to enjoy

It felt like I was in heaven for a moment. Time just seemed to stop for as long as the song played. It would be awesome if it could be played in a loop. Then we would be able to enjoy this even more and longer.

I really envy you to be able to make such a nice song.

Simply Amazing..

..It was fantastic.. Eleven minutes of gold, what i recomend tho.. is add a bit of a soft choir.. and definitley keep this up mate, it's amazing.

MaXounet responds:

I was really thinking of choirs, but, you know... i wanted to be really close to the original one. So i deleted the choir test i made.

Thanks btw. :)

Kewl !

Belle composition ... très envoutant à vrai dire. Et 11 minutes ... il y ade quoi s'endormir !! Lol. Sinon les intruments que tu utilise sont super realistes et de bonne qualité. Bravo.

Kick ass song, dude.

Current Score

4.19 / 5.00 (+ 0.15)

MaXounet responds:

J'ai effectivement tenté de me rapprocher le plus possible des instruments réels, et la longueur du morceau, certes c'est beaucoup... c'est vraiment ambiant quoi :P