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Reviews for "Sun Still Shine"

its good.

well done for front page man. you have earned it! however i couldnt help but feel the first 6-7 minutes where the same 4 chords repeated.
although it is well worked. and you have captured a lot of depth and emotion with your subtle melodics, it seems to lack a little something. i dont know what... something to make it have the wow factor. there is alot of other music in the portal like this... that is on 3 or less...
none the less it is well paced, well structured and generally quite pleasent.
i hope you are not offended by my opinion.. take care. and make more musix! you are fucking god at it!

Ooooooo very sweeeeeet.

Feels like theres sex in my ear.. haha JK great song tho.

i'm crying

This song makes me feel like there's hope for tomarow. Thank for giving me hope to live another day.


cant talk to busy listening

A True Masterpiece

Last night, I listened to this on repeat for 9 hours continuously and I was never bored. This song gives you a great feeling inside; it is hugely inspiring...it is awesome ("awe-inspiring") in a way (I feel) few others have truly accomplished.

"Something...kinda nice" simply does not do this piece justice - it is much, much more than that, my friend.