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Reviews for "Sun Still Shine"


a really great song to relax :3


this is sooooooo ..... soooooo great !!
one of the best songs i ever heard x3
nice work almost make me cry x3 sooooooo you r awesome
keep making this kind of musik !!


Sunshine was a very well-crafted film, and your theme here captures its epic mood perfectly. Everything is flawlessly composed (using Edirol Orchestral, methinks) and instrument ensembles are utilized to give the fullest expression that carries this piece.

Very cinematic quality, and that is indeed something to be very proud of. Great work!


This was...incredible. VERY nicely done!

This song really relaxes me...it gives me hope...yet, and this is just me, but it feels a bit sad at the same time.

Similar to World of Goo soundtrack

If anyone's played it you'll know it's awesome, beautiful