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Reviews for "Sun Still Shine"


cleared it
loved it

Very good

Deep and epic. Love it!

spooky, epic

i haven't heard these 2 songs in original, but i like remix very much. it's fabulous that the name is "Sun Still Shine" even though the melody is rather slow and a bit sad. In my opinion, it gives the song an epic impression.

my god

I just watched Sunshine, *don't know why i hadn't watched it sooner* and it had some of the best music i had heard. IMO, Requiem for a Dream has some of the best music, *Clint Mansell FTW*, but Sunshine is a close tie for first.

Very nice, relaxing and soothing, and I love how you arranged the original themes.

10/10, 5/5, fav'd


I haven't heard anything this well made since for a long time; good job, keep up the great work.