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Reviews for "Sun Still Shine"

(:' )

i'm... speechless... :') so wonderful...
i fully agree with helth...
but i continue the storyline...

0:00 - 1:00 looking on a downburned village, with children running around
1:00 - 2:43 People are helping eachother recreating the city, allthough there are some places where there are bodies and dead humans.
2:43 - 4:41 People start to laugh again, WE CAN DO IT!
4:41 - 5:52 the night arrives... people are doing fireplaces over the city. there's lights over the city. people are carrying each others... putting their own coats on others to cover them from the night, what brings the cold in the city. they're happy, they're alive. they have a light in their life.
5:52 - 7:44 - night is fallen on the city. some people are awake, guarding others from the cold, trying to keep fire flaming.
7:44- the morning arrives... some places are freezed, bodies are surely dead. the survivors are looking the city. they're crying. crying because they're alive. crying because they have a chance. chance for start everything over again. to make the place better. to make life better. they have a chance.

a chance.

Eargasm .. woah.. wow.. spechless man

god this was soo fucking wellmade man! seriously i just love that monk that is zumming in the intro, really creates a deap athmosphere! 11 min long, are u INSANE, this is fucking EPIC MAN! best song i've ever heard on newgrounds seriously, fucking deep man!

MAKE THIS TOP 1 ALL TIME! god i'm gonna listen to this everyday, 5 it everyday, and download it! and downloads they are very rare from me!

This almost creates a little movie in my head, wish i could make it!

0:00 - 1:00 looking on a downburned village, with children running around
1:00 - 2:43 People are helping eachother recreating the city, allthough there are some places where there are bodies and dead humans.

2:43 - 3:40 People start to laugh again, WE CAN DO IT!

It just keep giving me goosebums man, it could fit so awesomely to a movie man!

contact a label, get signed man, this is really one of the best songs i've ever heard in my whole live man. Really really deep.. I just keep writing while i'm listening, because it keeps inspiring me, and because i feel like writing long reviews when i hear masterpieces.

The piano is awesome, i love the strings, perfect mastering, perfect setup.. seriously i'm so fucking spechless.. it makes me smile, it makes me realize how good my life is man!

It makes me realize that we always have to stick together, and be happy. A song full of good energy, inspiring energy, and love, good moods.

This gives me gooesbumbs AGAIN *gisp* god man.. Keep writing cause it keeps being awesome.. It's funny how life can be eh? sometimes sad, sometimes happy, sometimes u can be mad, sometimes u can be in love..

Life is a gift.. It's just not everyone who realize it! MAKE USE OF IT, ENJOY UR LIFE! There will always be a tomorrow, and there will always happen miracles in ur life!

Wich program did u use to make this? Godly goosebumbs XXL? seriously, i wouldn't be suprised if u shared taht kind of program with god man, i'm so god damn inspired of this song, it's .. i'm almost shaking so awesome this is.. i still got goosebumbs man! I'm so glad i found this song man, caus this is now my offical favorite song now!

Wich vst's did you use btw? Godsound maker? Again, wouldn't suprise me..
keep making goose bums argh, too freaking awesome.. this is so deep, i could listen to it whole day, and i think i could listen to it while sleeping too!

You just beated; ParagonX9, Reasoner, Envy, F-777, SBB .. u just .. beated.. everyone!

Almost god too seriously! and jesus, caus this is like.. OVER godly! goosebumbs again, feels awesome, i think i've listened to this 5 times in a row now man, and i'm not tired of it, and it still keeps inspiring me really really much!

The deepness in this song is really awesome, and every detail is just perfect man, u got a fucking bright future! if i had a record label i would make u famous, caus dude?..

you got awesome skills here, i know i've said it 1000 times now, but i'm just still amazed..

god this is a long review.. I don't know why i keep writing.. I just.. Feel like it!, it almost makes me wanna do things i didn't wanna do, just for making people happy ! This song is full of hope, gives me that feeling "come on, YOU CAN DO IT"

And i can.. while listening to this.. awesome. i am.. breathless.. speechless.. i really feel for you, that u aren't nr.1 on newgrounds man.

Words can't desripe this masterpiece

Pictures can't descipe this masterpiece

I can't almost desripe the awesomeness in the piece.. it just amazes me again, again and again.

Best 11 minutes i've ever spend in my life.

Keep it up.

Don't .. ever stop making making miracle music..


5/5 for the rest of my life man

+Favorited you as my most favorited artist now.

i'm gonna listen to this all day.

Bye for now.


Not really my type of song, but I loved this.


lovley. Really beautiful and soothing

Simply Amazing.

This was so much like the Sunshine theme but it had its own rhythm making amazing.

Great job Olivier