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Reviews for "Sun Still Shine"

you tOO?

Was that movie awesome or what? Can i use it in a movie for the community? its about going green and what happens when you dont clean up.

Amazing! perfect in every way.

I cant belive how good this feels. you have filled the key elements in a realaxing song. you balenced out the falls with a rise and vice-versa. this is and excellent piece of music. I love it. Im puting it in my relax list.

It would sound great in a video with only this song and the video showing nature and the sun set.


0_o Amazing

I love listing to it when i do my homework

THANKS u r another one of my favs


A Masterpiece of art, a Masterpiece of a musical caliber, that of which has never been equaled here on NG. You are a true artist my friend. Magnifique!

There is nothing more to say except...Perfection



My god, words alone cannot describe this song. Perfect in all ways, peaceful and fulfilling. I cannot believe my ears, the way its composed, the ups and downs, the tempo, the minor fall...the major lift. Absolutely amazing.


Epic work.
Underground Sound