Reviews for "Retarded Animal Babies 7"

This RuLZ!

this is the bestest eppisode ever! keep doin what you're doing man, we all love your work.

Satan Is The Best

Gotta love the series, will there be one for New Years?

oh no

how can you quit such a great series! you have sumthin goin good for ya king dave, and dont throw it out now. Tons of fans, and i think less non-fans. every1 who don't like RAB must be either a parent, or a teacher or sumthin. i speak for the fans when i say DONT STOP DAVE!!!
b.t.w. love the satan claus

Dave dont do this to me!

Dont stop the series man. Mebe with ur part time job u can slowly build more episodes on ur free time. Yea mebe the episodes will come out in a longer time but FUCK MAN! IF IT ENDS I WONT LOVE YOU ANYMORE!!! *cough* did i just say that? Anyway this was funny

fuckin hilareous

dudethat was awsome u cant stop makin these its the funniest thing on new grounds...cmon keep it up i speak for every fan dont stop makin these