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Reviews for "A Young Mind"


what are those weird sounding bells at the beginning? I like your choice of instruments very much. The chords, the bells, the violins. Everything feels so ephemeral.

Bosa responds:

Handbells and a Celeste is what I used. I also combined the harp with it to see what it would sound like.


It is nice to have something pleasing to listen to when you want to relax. Congrats on another fantastic track :)

Same title as MJTTOMB

I'm sorry I didn't discover your stuff earlier, this is a magnificent work that goes extremely well with a child-esque imagery! The themes sound like a lullaby by the melody, but the fast pace makes it sound like a bit more mature being than an infant/toddler.

The bell ensemble was a great choice for the main themes.

Some of these melodic ideas I havent heard anything remotely like them. I really love the odd string movement, THE NOTE AT 3:07 WAS FANTASTIC AND COMPLETELY UNEXPECTED! haha i didnt like it at first, but listening to it the second time around was really nice.

Your sounds are nice and lush, only complaint would be to make the harp have a bit more noticeable dynamics to go along with the rise and fall of the harp. And since there's no bass in here, the cello sections might make the mix sound a bit fuller if they were centered.

and I agree with MJTTOMB, I think a non-fading out ending would have been more suitable. Maybe pull out one of your magical chords that you're so good at :D and stick it in the end, or have the harp melody loop right back into the intro, which would be great for a flash game.

Everything harmonizes so well..I probably talked to much because this is too complex for me to comment on elaborately...well, i'm gonna check out more of your music right now.


You sir, have achieved a level of awesomeness not easily obtainable. I have heard many peoples' music and I can sincerely say, not many have inspired me like you. The only people on NG that I could possibly compare you to are those such as MaestroRage. My hat is off to you good sir.


Bosa responds:

Funny you should mention it, because me and him are actually partners.


Very beautiful!

I love this music! It is very beautiful! You did a very good job making it. This music defenitly deserves a 10 out of 10.