Reviews for "More Than Words (OriginalMix)"


I love trance music and this is a great example! Keep it up!


Right, im not into trance music but this is really good. My first impresions were "this is just going to suck bad" but it started to play and I thought "this is AMAZING!".

I was so Amazed, keep up the great work.


2nd review

Fools don't even know you're signed and have worked or talked with the likes of great names among the Trance industry. They say this is not the best they've heard, but it sure as hell is the best among the rest on here. It's all a matter of opinion I guess, but to say this is not ranked among the best here at NG, people are fooling themselves.

Now, I can agree that this might be a little too long, I'm only saying that because nearly half the song was the part of your original post. While it is beautiful and awesome, I just wish their was a little more diversity from your first submission. And while the new section does have some fantastic stuff, it still left me wanting more of something new.

It doesn't really matter, one of the best trance tracks on NG.

Nicely done.

The drums at the beginning and such make it sound like a real dance song, and alone with its quaint little lines I think its at least one of the better pieces to come out of newgrounds. Good work.

its fair

Not the best ive heard around here