Reviews for "More Than Words (OriginalMix)"

more than words... its not freakin lying!

love it. Its more than words, your nuts if you listen to this and it doesn't speak to you through the beat!

I just have to say...

I have to agree with Unit and Nalasian. It just calls to you because it is possibly the perfect techno song. The rhythm is good, the melody is great, and the very sound of it... It just makes you want to click on a strobe light and whip out the glow sticks!

the music, its calling me.

this is really good work.

Don't change a thing!

This...is everything that good techno should be. This is one of those songs that just moves you and makes your heart stop. Don't change a thing.


dude i was only into psychedelic stuff but that's the sh*t that i'm talkin about dude. really a TRANCE song