Reviews for "More Than Words (OriginalMix)"


no word tht i can think of can describe how great this song is. im speechless this is a work of art. keep it up i will be waiting for more


very catchy down beat.one of the best

this shit was made for me.... and my mom when shes

drunk... i would say your a little remenicent of some of armin van buurens work.

in any event, you fucking rule.


its like...perfect!

You got my atention,...

Its Rare for me, from a long time I didn't listen to trance becouse I like it less, but your track grub my atention and I must say that i like it very much.
I like less trance, but that track is very, very good if not super,...
Sooo,... lets it be
5 and 10*

Take Care