Reviews for "More Than Words (OriginalMix)"


Voted 5/5 brought you from 4.16 to 4.17 !
(Pointlessly small difference, but it proves single votes count ^^)

Love this song. Since I first heard it, I've been using it as the standard against which I compare other Trance. Need I say more?

Absolutley amazing!

This song is better than what some proffesional DJs with record deals can manage. Most songs/mixes over 7 minutes get really boring a repetative, but all the variations you put into this makes every second worth listening to!
this is my first review so i hope it's a goodun!

Great song...

dude i loved this song...sounds really good :D


best song on NG.


you had me downloading after 3 secs of intro... SWEEEEEET is all this tune is XD!