Reviews for "More Than Words (OriginalMix)"


hear it... downloaded it.... love it.... this goes directly to my mp3 dude good job

LoVe At FiRsT pLaY

I loved it too much for words. But I'll give you some anyway because I know how much artists love hearing fans rave about their work. SOOOOOOOOOOOO... it was a wonder fuls song and I hope that you make more. The transitions were increadably smooth and went awesome with the overall song. The beat was ideal for something to wind down to at the end of a long day. The song itself was wonderful beyond imagination and it's perfect for listening to when my parents are yellin' "TURN THAT DAMN MUSIC DOWN OR I'LL TAKE EVERYTHING YOU HOLD NEAR AND DEAR TO YOURSELF! " So, ya wonderful song and I hope to hear more of your work in the future.

Oh, one more thing, just because i forgot 5/5 10/10 Downloaded and link sent to everyone i know.


It's things like this that made me make an account here! Well done, your transitions are really well done, smooth. There's one little thing around 2:30 and 6:20 that the first time I thought was a big leading to too much emptiness but that's prob just personal taste. Really good. 10/10, mate.

i just had to check this

since they said its the highest scoring i had to see why and i'm totally impressed. i'm not really a techno person but i enjoyed this. anyway good job i'll check you later

very chill!

as I said.. very chill!! ^^ a good late-night-beat..