Reviews for "{NA} Amaranth 8-Bit"

Good Work

You did Nightwish more than justice sir.

Butterscotch Yo!

I have been a fan of Nightwish for a long time, and especially when the new album came out, and this depicts the song perfectly into 8-bit, I can see this being the music for a level on Megaman. You know it's true... <3


As a massive Nightwish fan I find this amazingly awesome!
I'd love to see more of your work.

Awesome!!! but...

This is a great remix of this song but personally i dont think it was meant to be played 8-bit but i still think its as great as the orginal XD

Truly excellent!

An almost perfect 8-bit-esque cover of the real thing! Bravo mate! Some of the best 8-bit work on this site.