Reviews for "{NA} Amaranth 8-Bit"


Kick ASS!!!!!!!

DJ-Gerian responds:


10/10 5/5 for this 1 man

A = Awesome
M = mind blowing
A = Amazin
R = Rocks
A = As above
N = Nice work
T = Tight beat
H = Hail to you for making this remake of 1 of the best songs ever

Thanku - DJW

DJ-Gerian responds:

Thanks a lot, man, much appreciated =P.

this song has something...

....i can't describe what it is, but
8-Bit + bass = always a good combination :D

DJ-Gerian responds:

I agree, 8-Bit = Awesome :). Thanks for the review!


i love armaranth :D

its like one of my favorite songs.
i like how you turned it into an electronic piece. but i dont know if the 8 bit works as well as it could?
but idk?
this is good though :P

DJ-Gerian responds:

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!


I haven't heard the original (though I'm willing to bet it's good, if it's Nightwish), but I love your version. Can't think of any criticim, constructive or otherwise.

DJ-Gerian responds:

The original's really great, you should definitely check it out. Thanks a ton for the positive feedback though!