Reviews for "{NA} Amaranth 8-Bit"

Great song, great remix

This does the song the justice it so well deserves. Like others, I could find myself singing along. However, the percussion is a little to gritty for me. Its a great song, and I would think a Bye Bye Beautiful remix would be nice. Glad to find a talented Nightwish fan.

DJ-Gerian responds:

Thanks a lot =D.

Not a bad idea, by the way... :P


As many people have said, Im not too fond of 8-bit remixes and songs, but this really captured my attention. Seriously, I think this is the best 8-bit song Ive heard.

Great work.

DJ-Gerian responds:

Wow, I'm honored; Really glad you liked it; thanks!


I can't believe how close this is to the real song. I found myself singing along (albeit at a bit faster pace) and truly enjoyed it! Great work.

DJ-Gerian responds:

Thanks! =)

Well, well

You have caught my attention with this. Now don't lose it, Hoss!

DJ-Gerian responds:

I'll try my best :P.


I love 8-bit songs that doesn't shout out: "NINTENDO!". This is awsome.

DJ-Gerian responds:

Glad you think so ^_^.