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Reviews for "[Via]"

Not bad

Respect. I'm gettin' down to this! Butterscotch, yo!

Keep up the good work.


Good melodies and drums, they keep it interesting, but it gets repetitive. You either need to switch between parts more often, or have more changes during the parts where a melody is repeating. It didn't really feel as if the different parts had much coherence, like it was just kinda switching between em without reason. It still gets a 9 cause the parts where you arent noticing repetiveness sound really really good, and I like the drums. And I like you <3<3

Nice work

ya this was a piece of work right there! Its almost as good as elusive. Good beginning, middle, and end. Keep it up, looking forward to hearing more!


I found myself purposefully turning my ears away from the melody (not that it was bad) just to listen to the drumline! It really caught my attention. The only reason I don't give a ten is it was a tad repetitive, and the ending was mediocre.

5/5 9/10

ericsenter responds:

Thanks for the suggestions. I was worried that it felt a little repetitive, however it is hard for me to tell since I've heard it way too much anyway. As for the ending, I pretty much threw that on so I could upload it. I plan on finely crafting it to the recommendations I get. Thank you again.

5/5 10/10!

Very nice job! Fast-paced techno music! The piano parts were awesome as well! Keep it up!

ericsenter responds:

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. The emphasis on the piano in the song pretty much stemmed from me finding a new piano instrument on FL =). I think it tied in nicely.