Reviews for "Bonus Stage #3: Character"


ThIs... Is.... ThA mOsT sTyLiNg ThInG iVe EvEr SaWn!!!!!!! It RoCkS ;) Go On LiKe ThIs CuZ iT rOcKs!

((( HAHA )))

Ha cool again, the voicing is superb some of the best on newgrounds, funny characters and funny funies lol, still i think you should turn up the volume just abit, anyways another episode that made me laugh...


One of my favourites :D

Although not as joke-filled (as you said) this is my 3rd favourite of the Bonus Stage series. The humour is still there, and the sound and graphics are excellent still

Summary: A humour filled episode, perhaps one of the best


original artwork, i like

that was great... i like the story line and characters. keep up the good work

Hey, just curious...

What happened to Bonus Stage #6? you have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7, and never had a 6. Any reason for that?