Reviews for "Bonus Stage #3: Character"

I saw that coming

I knew what he was gonna say at the end. Maybe its just me. A little predictible. OMFG NO!! I'M PSYCIC!! Was it predictible?


that's what ya got ta say wenever dat happens man......nah who'm i kiddin?

lol!!! this is awesome!

not the best of the original six, but nonetheless, its still funny! the ending theme song isnt as good as the other one, stick with the old one.

i liked the charlie brown part, and the part when Joel said look "Dawg"... and the work "DAWG" appeared in the background.

great work!


Evolving character, so funny dude! I love the sarcasm and the absurd humor I cant believe I didnt see that on newgrounds sooner. And The end song was cool man what is it??


Not a bad series, and i agree this is very Teen Hunger Squad...I love the normality of the voice acting, combined with the bizarre movements of the characters

Joel could be Homestar Runner...and i'm sure you've heard that before and I appologise *bows and leaves*

Oh, and the title roll is great too