Reviews for "Bonus Stage #3: Character"


Shows some Aqua Teen Hunger Force inspiration.Very nice.

Im strartin to see a connection

I dunno if ya were goin fer this but I sorta see like some simalarity between this and aqua teen hunger force sorta maby not I dunno anyway ur shits still good

very well done

i haven't reviewed oyur previous 2 episodes cause i was feeling like a bum but i finally got around to it. great style and animation. i like this series. keep it coming. one shortcoming though, the football looks sort of like a turd. but thats ok.


This is a real ripoff of Aqua Teen Hungerforce, the humor is almost exactly the same, nonetheless, pretty good.


That laughing session at phil was just great, i loved the different angles you used in this episode really unique. Poor phil getting attacked like this in the episode, i liked his reaction at the end of it all though. I noticed how your doing a type of ATHF style with adding alittle clip show at the start of the episodes that is quite cool. Overall another great episode but the questions remains of the location of the lady character.

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