Reviews for "To Say Goodbye"


This my friend, is some K.I.C.K. A.S.S. TRANCE, seriously from the beginning to the end... everything was just PERFECT!! I really really loved it, thanks for creating such a beautiful trance song
5/5 10/10,cuz you so deserve it!

Officer responds:

Wow a review already? Heh, thanks a lot, I'm glad you liked it :D


Man, this song is rad! Your melodies really have power! Okay, the piano in the start there, wasn't too sure about but at 0:13 I loved it. Nice effects and drums running over the piano with the fade in. Very pro' transition. Bit of a Immune sounding style here. Get's a bit repetitive but as soon as that thought entered my head, the melody changed so yea'. I fucking love 2:18! The pad and the piano! It has such feeling to it and that is what I look for in songs! This bit is what earned the 10. Then we go back into it with a bit more power! Then the outro, just as beautiful as the interlude. Amazing song mate! I'll be watching your page.

Officer responds:

Thanks a lot man, that honestly means a lot coming from you. Seeing as it was your 'Pneumonia' song that inspired me to do this in the first place. Cheers for the review :D


Good job on this song. It's very professional. Its also very good... and made me feel sad. Any song that can actually affect someone's emotions is, to me, a very good song. Its whats music is all about, anyway.

Officer responds:

Cheers man thanks for the review :D

I gotta admit...

I did't think that it would be good, but kudos for proving me wrong! :) This kicks ASS!!!

Officer responds:

Thanks for the review :)

Oh yesss!

Oh reminds me of old Tiesto sooo much, but you added your own flare to it. I love it! Keep up the fantastic work. Seriously, this is top notch.