Reviews for "To Say Goodbye"

Requiem For A Dream...eh?

I'm not too sure about the start being sililar to requiem for a dream but it was still awesome i loved the piano interlude in the middle also a touch of brillance a great trance song

Officer responds:

Hmm, I'm sad to say that I havn't actually heard that song, but don't worry, I'm off to now :3

Thanks for the review :D


Awesome song, seems like you don't get too many reviews from your tone of reply on the last one. Sometimes people just don't review sometimes they are dumb, sometimes no one has anything to say because the song is just fine.

I liked everything about this song because the melody reminded me of one of my favorite songs. Almost sounded like Requiem For a Dream but didn't follow it after everything came in.

Great song I'm a sucker for pianos too so that made me happy.

Officer responds:

No you're right, I don't get too many reviews, and to tell the truth, I wasn't even expecting any, I'm glad that people are liking it because it took a fair amount of time to make.

Cheers for the review, glad you like it :D


This my friend, is some K.I.C.K. A.S.S. TRANCE, seriously from the beginning to the end... everything was just PERFECT!! I really really loved it, thanks for creating such a beautiful trance song
5/5 10/10,cuz you so deserve it!

Officer responds:

Wow a review already? Heh, thanks a lot, I'm glad you liked it :D