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Reviews for "No Gods, No Masters (Guff)"

GUFF on newgrounds!?

Guff on newgrounds!? Hey thats awesome I bought you're 1e CD like 4 years ago, and I enjoye it a lot, you have great skills, dont give up! And yeah you're sound a little bite like Strung Out. Maybe more like the american paradoxe stuff. Well punk/metal is the shit !!

Not quite as good as symphony of voices

Still a pretty good song, gets alot better after the first 40ish seconds.

keep up the good work.

freakin awesome. nuf said

vocals are great.
drums are great.
guitars are great.
every single thing about this song is just greater than great.
this song definately merits a download in my opinion and i'm gonna do just that.

Pretty good

Do you guys like Strung Out?

You sound just like them.

finrazel responds:

wow.. thanx... thats aweshome... yeah strung out it stellar fosho

sounds good

im just posting to balance the guy who didnt like the singer- he sounds good!