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Reviews for "No Gods, No Masters (Guff)"

As punk as it gets

This is an aweswome skatepunk song. The vocalist has the perfect "I'm a badass, mess with me I'll fuck you up" voice and the energy he and the rest of the band bring defines punk, I don't know why anyone would think it isn't.

Love the band

Excellent work! I actually downloaded the rest of the album from the band... Great stuff.

Punk enough for me

Pretty awesome song! Forget these jerks saying it's not punk, it's punk enough.
It's like...old school punk...or skate punk....sounds like Strung Out, a bit of the new propagandhi too, an interesting mix....Cool melodies and good vocals
Keep it up!

lol wizitywack

good drum/rythm

this isnt punk its pop

listen to no gods no managers album by choking victim thats punk not this