Reviews for "Bonus Stage - #2: Zombie"

sorry to say ths but...

it rocked.

Sadly it wasnt AS funny as the first one to me, but others have other opinions. Keep up the good work.


That was pretty cool. The only thing that bothered me was that sometime when they stopped talking their mouthes were still moving...Why did the house have teeth and eyes!! Was the shirt trying to warn them??? Did they kill the innocent and helpful shirt? Why didn't he wear the shirt? Can the shirt come back as a ghost? ^_^

ok im giving you a lower score for this one

ok listen STOP COPYING AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE the angry smart one is frylock and the dumb one is shakezilla the mind chilla the oldschoola you wanna trip ill bring it to ya oh yeah nice job ripping off the zombie bus episode......... im pretty sure the girl is like meatwad though

Could be better

This movie was ok, but not as good as the other ones. Now, I know you can do better than this, and I know you HAVE done better. But still, it could use better jokes, and stuff like dat


I like this series, and this episode is my favorite.