Reviews for "Bonus Stage - #2: Zombie"


I'd love a t-shirt that said "Get Out of The House" or "What Are You Doing?" just to wear and get questions about.. ^-^ Maybe it could be holographic? Enough about that.. Great comedy,love the characters.. I wish there was an easier way to review though after being lazy and clicking on back to see the episodes..

The best part of waking up

Is "Bonus Stage" in my cup!
I liked the intro. Though re-used, was excellent. Retard humor, while for dorky children, was still very funny to me.

ok im giving you a lower score for this one

ok listen STOP COPYING AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE the angry smart one is frylock and the dumb one is shakezilla the mind chilla the oldschoola you wanna trip ill bring it to ya oh yeah nice job ripping off the zombie bus episode......... im pretty sure the girl is like meatwad though


Love the begining and the ending.Keep it up.