Reviews for "Bonus Stage - #2: Zombie"

i like this series

this series is really appealing and the fact that there short makes it better, although it is basically plotless i think it fits this really well, keep it up and make more, good job


Funny idea

Well this was a ineed a very well animated movie, the character variety was well done and each one had nice voices and a personal personality. The voices were funny and the syncs were well done. The story with the changing t-shirt storyline was a nice idea. Also this was a humor movie with a crazy end.

A funny short and with a nice funny idea for a story.


i liked the tshirt idea not sure i understand the ending but meh not like i needed to

really fun to watch cant w8 for more

Keep up the good work


Funny....better than the second one. I gave violence a "1" cuz they burned the shirt. Keep em comin!

Phil Listen

Once again with Joels stupidity. This time he actually is using his brain. Wow that was good.