Reviews for "Bonus Stage - #2: Zombie"

Stupid nonsense!

One again you gave me stupid nonsense and once again it made me laugh. 5 for you man.

ehhh t-shirt zombie?!

lol the eyes and teeth have always been there!

A great movie

The graphics in this flash movie are amazing they are of a brilliant style rather than common stick men or badly drawn characters, the starting clip is a great idea and it was hillarious, i love the humor it reminds me of that in family guy, personally i couldnt giv a damn about lip sync but that was done nicely even thought this has been inspired by other movies <just like every other movie> this is a very origional movie, The voice acting is almost perfect the only real thing i can see wrong with this series is Elly, she doesnt play in the plot of the bonus stage episodes but other than that it gets my 5, good work this goes for the other episodes as i am too lazy to review them too

every episode gets better!

very cool.

This one is a must see!

Ahh that kicked ass!

NEVER mess with retarded science! Pure genius!