Reviews for "Bonus Stage - #2: Zombie"


The thing that would make this movie even better is just make it longer!
Other than that--->Thumbs UP!!!

ICEfx and Thinkhard are both stupid children.

I'm sick of every time something new and cool comes out, some little fourteen year old has to come along and say, "You suck, I saw that on <insert some stupid cartoon> first, you <insert some juvenile insult here>!" This is series is funny as hell, and is the most original thing I've seen for a long time on newgrounds (or any other medium for that matter, television has been sucking pretty bad lately). You've got a great style and your animation is really high quality. The length is appropriate since it's really fast paced, so don't make them longer. Instead, make MORE of them!

That Was Great

Were you going for some kind of Aqua Teen Hunger Force thing with this?

wow i dont get it alot but it is funni

dis was better dan da 1st but i dont get da think in toon world or w.e it was over all it was good


lol idiots!!