Reviews for "Bonus Stage - #2: Zombie"

nice touch : )

this could do better somehow
but it's pretty dang funny .. .. just not thaaaat funny and kinda slowish silent sometimes
neverless it's great

ps. my favorite part was definitely from when he says "where are we gonna eat" to .. well .. the very end .. hehe .. plus the end anims and song kicked ass

Before i watch any others, i'd like to say...

This is one of those kinds of cartoons that are sooo riotously funny (like the simpsons :O) that you could actually make LOTS of money off of it.
One of these days I'm gonna have to get me one of those Zombie Shirts XD

"The day is saved"

the part before the actual episode was pretty funny. but the episode itself is brilliant! this series is awesome, so hilarious!


I'd love a t-shirt that said "Get Out of The House" or "What Are You Doing?" just to wear and get questions about.. ^-^ Maybe it could be holographic? Enough about that.. Great comedy,love the characters.. I wish there was an easier way to review though after being lazy and clicking on back to see the episodes..

You get a 5!

Heh, Looks like I found another series to start watching. Good job again short and stupid but sweet too :)