Reviews for "Bonus Stage - #2: Zombie"

That was funny.

un-posted bonusstage cartoon at http://www.highscoreonline.com/e321.html
live at E3.

I found somthing scary

Aint it a little weird that all bonus stages are in fours and from 4.10-4.20?


Aqua Teen Hunger Force YOU HAVE MET YOU MATCH!

The series keeps going strong for the 2nd episode!

I continue in my quest to review all the bonus stage episodes! This one isn't quite as good as the first one, but still quite funny. My only thing is that there should be some kind of sound while the T-shirt zombie is burning. By the way, there's an easter egg in the ending of this one too, to those that haven't found it. Now, on to the quotes!


Blue guy: "Look! I have created 3 perfect little girls!"
*camera reveals 3 snakes with PPG hair*
Red guy: "Uh, those are snakes man." *gets his face attacked by the snakes* "Ah, my face!"
Blue guy: "The day is saved!"

Joel: "What have I done? WHAT HAVE I DONE?"
Phil: "Why do you keep saying that?"
Joel: "I have created a bastardization of modern science! Also, repitition is soothing."

Phil: "So, is this the bastardization?"
Joel: "Phil, it's a T-shirt: ZOMBIE!!!" *creepy music plays*
Phil: "I can't think of a non-cliche way to react to this."

Joel: "Hey, don't mess with retarded science! That's what this T-shirt was going to say. But then it started saying... other things..." *holds up T-shirt. The writing Says, "ha ha ha" then fades out and changes to, "leave the house"*
Phil: *wide-eyed* "It's alive!?"
Joel: "Yeah, we're past that phase now. Keep up, Phil.
Phil: "Well have you tried burning it?"
Joel: "You know, this is why I don't come to you for advice, you beer-guzzleing imbeccile! Actually that's a good idea. I'm gonna go try that."

Phil: "Uh, are those eyes and teeth?" *camera pans to house, which has eyes and teeth*
Joel: "Yes, and they have always been there!"
Phil: "Shut up!"
Joel: "Let's go get lunch."
Phil: "Where?"
Joel: "Wyoming"


You'll see me again for # 3!

wow i dont get it alot but it is funni

dis was better dan da 1st but i dont get da think in toon world or w.e it was over all it was good