Reviews for "Bonus Stage - #1: Car"


"Shut up and get in the box", that line single handly has made this one of my favourite flash series, i mean the graphics werent that intense but i thought that it was unique the character designs were slighty distorted, which added to the short. I liked the voice acting espically for Phil that guy had a smooth voice. Overall i liked this theme piece, based around a car topic, i am looking forward to another serving.

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this is unbelivably awasome, acualy reminded me Aqua Tean Hunger Force on adultswim, now if ull excuse me im off to watch all 15 of the rest of these

This fascinated me...

for I am a fascinator.

good entertainment!!!!!!!1

this series of bonus stages is teh greatest thing.Im trying to find the way to make funny game sounds.just like the ones you have on the start of the movie!!but WHATEVAH this is number1

I love this series

Ive seen all episodes, and i love them. Too bad the series is over. It ended at episode #87.