Reviews for "Bonus Stage - #1: Car"

Ah, history...

Looking back on it, I'm so glad Matt didn't remove the original episodes from NewGrounds.

I mean, sure, he re-did them on www.bonusstages.com and re-mixed the music himself, but whatever. and SURE, he got fed up and CANCELLED the whole project, and then PRACTICALLY DIED AND FELL OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH.

But, that's EXACTLY why I'm glad these are still here. The use of ska music and the ending theme is totally awesome (This one, the original, not that mix he did later to avoid copyright laws). Plus, the first episode was very funny to me, and still is.

Basically, the series is a 10/10, and this is the first one so yeah, 10/10.

Now if only High Score was still around so people would understand WHAT Bonus Stage is... a bonus stage of...

Awsome Music!

I always love your movies.

bonus stage!!!!!!!!!

bonus stage rocks so badly it makes my balls bleed :D

( I AM A BEAR!!!!!!!! ) ( EP 75 )


Wow your drawing is amazing and I loved the old video game sounding music!


I love all your animations of High Score and Bonus Stage. I love the characters and they are so funny. I love your videos so much.