Reviews for "Bonus Stage - #1: Car"

Not too bad

It's a good start for a webcartoon. I'm sure HTF and Homestar got started the same way. Graphics are simplistic but effective, and voices are passable.

Matt Wilson you are my hero

I just can't stop watching these episodes. The sheer greatness lies in that mind of yours. Keep up the good work. I hope to see many more.

Nice one

I liked that a lot, good humour, something we need more of round here.



This is one of the movies that relies on the dialouge and sight gags, rather than the graphics. "It's a Transformer!" Very funny, odd humor. "'cause he's five!" Basically, this needs some work on the animation, but that is not a big deal. The humor is so weird, heh, I love it. Nice use of video game sounds interplayed throughout the movie. This has great potential. Good work, this could be a great series.


Funny, but...

I think you borrowed a bit too much from Aqua Teen Hunger Force there. Pretty funny, & I watched all 3, so I can see a progression. It'd be cool if they were just a teensy bit longer too. Overall, decent effort, but don't limit yourself by taking too much from other shows.