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Reviews for "[ANIMATION] St. Louis [AZUR LANE]"

"Ya'll think Takumi's AE86 can beat her Lamborghini Countach?"

yes and no, the Countach is faster in a straight line~ but during a Toge... or anything with corners? AE86 all the way.

they both sound good and look good though, but the Countach isn't a car you buy to drive, it's a car you buy to look good in.

Such in credible flair, and I am not talking about the head lights.
I am once again impressed by how much economy you are able to pull from a nearly still image, but dang this flaunts attitude.
Like her eyes not opening until the light come up, and then dress simultaneously performing it own little firework show, totally cool.
Thank you for making this.

Milk detected

that dress censor is annoying. I get it, just dont like it.