Reviews for "Yes?"


is what you have the potential to be, if your not already, seriously, you should be doing art work for Blizzard, or Games Workshop, or wizards of the coast or SOMEBODY!
I love the tital


pretty cool but isn't it something for halloween ?

Errold responds:

Well, then, isn't something like robots and sci-fi something for the future then?


hi there lil buddy :3

jashdagjsd is awesome bro xD

Awesome :3

Wow, that's really awesome, I love his pose. And he somehow looks like something I could come up with.. Shame I can't draw x3
Oh, and @falas108, what Errold said x]

very cool

I like how he's just looking casual. The anatomy, shading and colours are great.
he contrasts the background nicely, without having a red that's too bright.
The splattering and many different shades in the background look really good.